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In addition to the "Great American Hermits" that we make we also made English Chutneys, at Chutney House, which is how our enterprise got started nine years ago in 2010. We have dis-continued making our chutneys so we could concentrate on the production of our Hermits.

Hermit maker Tom grew up in Concord New Hampshire and attended the University of New Hampshire, After graduation he married his high school sweet heart Cecile Jenkins.

Together they moved to Charlottsville, Virginia where Tom obtained his Master of Architecture degree at the University of Virginia.They then retured to Concord where Tom joined his fathers architectural practice and in 1979 they formed the firm of Wilson & Wilson Architects. Tom and Cecile have two beautiful girls and three wonderful grandaughters.

Our "Homesteaders" food license, is issued by the State of New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services on a yearly basis.
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